Jacqueline is the founder and owner of Homeworks Etc, a creative lifestyle store. She has married her educational and professional background in Therapeutic Recreation with over 15 years as a maker, creator and decorator – to offer exceptional group DIY workshops and experiences grounded in creativity, connection and wellness. Her innovative DIY home decor opportunities welcome both adults and children to the crafting table.
Jacqueline has also created Create Everyday Collective, which includes an online coaching program and a membership forum for DIY workshop entrepreneurs. She uses her extensive entrepreneurial and leadership expertise to mentor and train others to build successful DIY workshop businesses. Her offerings include DIY Tribe, an interactive online community of paint and DIY workshop enthusiasts, with whom she shares marketing and planning strategies, resources, tools, and project ideas aimed at growing sales. Her 8-week DIY Workshops that Sell course offers structure and solutions to fill seats in workshops.
Jacqueline is passionate about home décor, especially handmade. She recognizes the impact that decorating a home can have on family growth and connection. She also knows that we are all creative beings, and that we long for connection with others. Crafting together fosters community – a wonderful opportunity to feel a part of something special, to unleash creativity, and to share a common passion.
When not decorating cozy nooks in her own home, Jacqueline loves to spend time at the beach with her family, and always enjoys a glass of wine and a good chat with friends!